Optikos Teradyne 2X 106mm f/2 Inspection Lens

This beautifully made high-end industrial lens was designed by Optikos for Teradyne corp. for semiconductor inspection. Optikos is a metrology equipment and software company based in Wakefield, MA, USA, and have been around for 35 + years. They a huge list of clients, LensRentals.com optical testing company, OLAF, uses some Optikos equipment on their lens test bench for example. Teradyne, an Optikos customer, designs semiconductor test systems for firms like  Samsung, Qualcomm, Intel, etc. 

The Optikos Teradyne 106s round 13 blade iris! I wish all of my lenses had a iris shape like this.


Name: Optikos Teradyne 106mm f/2 inspection lens

Type: Inspection lens Focal length: 106mm   Aperture: 13 blades!

Magnification range: 2.82x

Coverage: Full frame  Working distance: Good. 

Optical Coating: Multicoated

Chromatic Aberration (CAs): Very well controlled, no issues

Lens mount: Custom. Threads are proprietary, 52.5mm x 0.80

Optical design: Unknown

Filter threads: none.


What I like about the lens
Image Quality
13 blade round iris
Sensor coverage

Things I can live with
Lack of a tripod collar

Things that I dislike about the lens
Lack of a mount or standard mounting threads

Image Quality

100% center crop - Optikos Teradyne 106mm f/2 at f/2.8 and 2.5x

100% center crop - Optikos Teradyne 106mm f/2 at f/2.8 and 2.5x

Lens FAQ

Where can I buy a lens like this?
By pure luck I just happened to spot this lens, sold as new old-stock on Ebay. I have not seen another like it for sale anywhere.


Lensrentals/OLAF test bench using Optikos equipment:


Optikos Metrology: