Schneider Componon S 50mm f/2.8 V-mount macro lens

This is Schneider's industrial V-mount version of the enlarging 50mm f/2.8 componon S. It is the same great performer with the same 6 element design. The only downside to this lens is that they are harder to find so the prices are higher than the normal enlarger body lens.

Technical Details

Sharpness and image Quality
V-mount system
Working distance

Can live with: 
Used market prices

Can live without: 
5 blade Iris shape

Don't need:
Retail pricing

Type: Industrial macro lens Focal length: 50mm Aperture: 5 blades Controls: Aperture ring with lock knob.

Magnification range: 1X to 4X reversed, up to 0.5X forward mounted, sharpest at f/4 to f/5.6. 

Coverage: Full frame  Working distance: Good

Lateral Chromatic Aberration (CAs): minimal color fringing

Longitudinal Chromatic Aberration (LoCAs): minimal color fringing

Lens mounts: V-mount for forward and reverse mounting and M 37 x 0.75 accessory threads.

Normal or reverse mounting: For best image quality this lens should be mounted in reverse but thanks to the V-mount design its simple to reverse the lens and mount the lens hood back on the rear. Theses industrial lenses have both front and rear V-mount flanges. 

Cost: These are more expensive and a little harder to find than the enlarging version of this lens. Expect to pay about $100-200, I was lucky to find a misidentified  lens for $50.

Lens set-up


With the V-mount system there are never any loose mis-matching threads or sizes and the components are quick and easy to set up and rock solid once they are locked together. I really prefer using this system to using normal threaded adapters and mounts.

Camera mount adapter: Nikon F-mount to 39mm

V-mount adapter: V-mount to 39mm

Extension tube: 75mm V-mount extension tube. There are also two types of variable V-mount  extension tubes.

Where to buy: Ebay has a good selection of V-mount lenses and adapters but some of the items like the Nikon F-mount to V-mount adapter rarely come up so the prices are still high. Other sources of V-mount gear:

Schneider Optics:

Notes: Schneider and almost all other enlarging lens brands offer different quality grade lenses. For Schneider you have the budget line of Componar with 3 elements in 3 groups, the higher quality Comparon lenses with 4 elements in 3 groups, then the highest quality Componon with 6 elements in 4 groups with the S added to Comparon and Componon indicating the highest level of correction for flatness of field, contrast, and color.

Schneider componon s V-mount lens shroud and cap

Schneider Optics customer service
Last year I picked up an auction of various V-mount parts that happened to have a mystery V-mount lens installed in an extension tube. The lens was in perfect shape but is was missing the shroud (which has the name of the lens on it). I emailed Schneider Optics' Los Angeles office to price a replacement and customer service responded that they would send me a new shroud at no cost if I was okay with paying for postage. The free shroud arrives the next day complete with a free lens cap! That is customer service. In my experience is can be impossible to even get a response out of Canon and Nikon, much less free replacement parts.

Technical data on the Schneider Optics website: