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This is a very young female variable wisp damselfly, Agriocnemis femina femina, on fern frond. The males of this species are green and back with an orange tail turning all white with green eyes as they age. Eventually this female will turn to green and black as an adult. Chiang Mai, Thailand. Sigma 105mm macro, Nikon D810, 1/200 second, f/8, manual mode, single SBR-200 flash, Acratech ballhead, Berlebach ash wood tripod. 2017 Robert OToole Photography

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My goals in creating this site:

Help you to see really good photos and find ways to capture what they see out in nature
Challenge you with macro techniques to stay creative and to help you to try to keep seeing things differently
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To help choose good close-up equipment
To help you avoid getting frustrated with close-up photography
Expose you to expose you to new professional techniques
To help you have fun doing close-up photography

100% actual pixel crop of the image above.

The equipment that I used to make this damselfly image can produce an amazing amount of detail but there is no way to appreciate with with a 1500 pixel web file but these 100% crop samples will at least give you an idea of what the quality you can expect from modern equipment. 

Tail details, 100% actual pixel crop of the image above.