Nikon Measuring Microscope 5X Objective Section Just added

After back to back trips this year, I finally have time in the office to catch up with my to-do list and this week I finished up a section on the Nikon 5X MM objective with lots of images.

Nikon MM 5X page:

The Nikon MM objectives are some of my favorites out of all the lenses I own. These objectives are made for Nikon industrial measuring microscopes that cost tens of thousands of dollars. They are very sharp, easy to use and are not very expensive, maybe $200-300 on the used market.

This pollen covered anther, sitting inside a flower, was made at 5X with a Nikon D500 and 5X MM objective and a single Nikon SB-R200 flash 1/60s ISO 100 manual mode.

This is a 100% crop of the image above showing details of the individual pollen grains.

The section includes lot of info about the objective but also an example on how set-up an installation for photography.


Over the next few weeks I will finish up all the Nikon measuring microscope objectives and the Mitutoyo objects, hopefully getting to almost all the lenses I have listed already. My goal is to add a section for all the lenses that I recommend and use, and sections on how to set up and use them in the field or studio.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.