Silicon Wafer Photography

Finally I found a simple low cost easy to set up target for lens tests, a silicon wafer!  This wafer makes a target that answered all my dreams, it is perfectly flat, has tons of detail, is easy to clean, and was only $7. 

With the naked eye, the details are hard to see in the image above, but, here is a section of the wafer photographed at a little over 1X.  To see the images in a larger size, click on the images and they will open in a new window.

The image was made with a Nikon D810, Scanner Nikkor ED, at 1.1X with a single Nikon SBR200 flash. 

100% center actual pixel crop. 

100% crop, lower right extreme corner. 

100% crop, lower left extreme corner. 

Click on each image to see the image in a larger size. 

100% crop, upper left extreme corner. 

100% crop, upper right extreme corner. 

If you are interested in buying a silicon wafer use Ebay search term 'silicon wafer' or search for item number 262635273324