4X Objective Lens Test is Online


After three days of shooting a comparison of 33 lenses at 4x magnification the first part of the comparison is online.

The results of the comparison will be posted in 5 parts:

1. 4X For Less Than $100
2. High-End Objectives
3. Enlarging Lenses Compared at 4x
4. High-magnification macro lenses at 4x
5. 3x and 5x lenses tested at 4x.

Follow this link for the first part, 4X For Less Than $100:


Part two is almost ready to go and will be online next week.

Any questions, send me a email.

The first part of the 4x test includes, L-R: Lomo 3,7xFluor 4x$17 4x; Nikon BE Plan 4xNikon E Plan 4x; and Nikon Plan 4x (gold barrel) objective