Optikos Teradyne 106mm f/2 Inspection Lens

Recently I Stumbled on an interesting looking lens on Ebay, and thankfully, the seller accepted my offer. Once the lens arrived I realized that I got seriously lucky. The lens box has 2.82X printed on the label, and if thats true, at f/2, it has the potential to be resolve some seriously good detail. The bad news is that the lens has custom threads so I was not able to do any testing other than handholding. The good news is that the images were sharp over the entire frame at f/2 and the lens shows very good CA control, much less than a microscope objective at least.

After I have custom adapters made to mount the lens I can give it a real test and publish the results. 

If you know anything about this lens please send me a message. 

Thanks for looking.